PETRA PTÁČKOVÁ /1987/ i s based in paris and prague. she studied at ecole de la chambre syndical de la couture parisienne where she improved the craft and discovered her passion for old haute couture techniques. since she became a constant traveler she likes to be blown far into her world of fantasy. she brings fairytale in fashion and loves to rediscover what has been forgotten. for her style she uses a term “magic realism” which defines clothes as a piece of art in accordance with wearability. people wearing her design are open minded dreamers with no boundaries. nothing in our life is lined up and we create our tomorrow. petra's philosophy is about game, puzzles and most of the garments you can adjust or change the size.

“i don't believe in dividing fashion and i don't want to classify anybody's style. there is enough space for new visions in my designs as i try to make people play. the clothes i do don't subject to any trend because it simply becomes inseparable part of your personality and so you naturally create your own trend. ”

petra is sponsored by REEBOK CLASIC CZECH REPUBLIC / Prague, Czech Republic
petra's shows are internationally powered by design shoes MURO.EXE / Spain




work experience:


- collaboration with Tonak / hat fashion manufacture / Prague
- ZEN Magazine, print / Cover and designer's story / most promising designer
- For Men Magazine, print / article about the designer / most promising designer
- HINT Magazine / as Supernova designer talent
- Hospodarske Noviny / interview
- Spotted Magazine / PP as one of 5 most promising designers / CEE
- 160g Magazine / featured in latest winter issue / aw14 / Paris
- ss15 showroom at PFW / Paris Fashion Week
- ss15 collection show at MBPFW / Prague
- Amsterdam Fashion Week / MODEFABRIEK / selected in NEXT PLATFORM, NL
- FASHIONCLASH / show aw14 collection /Maastricht, NL
- featured in KALTBLUT Mag / Berlin, GE
- VOGUE.MX / MBFW Cost Rica /ss14 collection, Mexico
- COLLEZIONE RUSSIA / featured as fresh new label / Russia
- NJAL / designer focus at Not Just a Label / London, UK
- MIST Mag / cover image
- / video from the aw14 show at MBMFW / Spain
- interview for TV International Spain / Madrid, Spain
- / interview / Prague, Czech
- / interview / Prague, Czech
- Fashion Talk / Prague, Czech
- HD FASHION CHANNEL / video from aw14 show at MBMFW / Spain
- MBFWCR / international talent guest by S. Pellegrino / Costa Rica Fashion Week / ss14 collection, San Jose, CR
- featured in ZEN Mag / Prague, Czech
- interview for One Mag / Czech
- featured in Dolce Vita Mag / Czech
- fetured in SICKY MAG / Spain
- VOGUE.ES / mentioned on the official list of aw14 collections, Spain
- MBMFW / International guest by Mercedes Benz / show aw14 collection / Madrid, Spain
- featured in Hospodarske Noviny / Czech
- featured in Ona Dnes / Czech
-IFS at LONDON FW / International Fashion Showcase at London Fashion Week / aw14 collection
- ELLE / mentioned as one of the best of MBFW Prague / Prague, Czech


- listed on VOGUE.UK / official list of ss14 collections
- interview for ELLE MAGAZINE / my career, Prague
- men’s pieces from ss14 collection posted on ROCKET MAGAZINE
- show, FASHION SCOUT / Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days
- VOGUE.IT / MBKFD / Kiev Fashion Week
- interview on Fashion Scout Kiev, MBKFD
- interview on Kiev Fashion Week MBKFD official website
- featured in MOLO07
- featured in Generation one
- mentioned on Jedenact Kocek blog, Prague
- fearured in TOP FASHION magazine
- MBPFW, ss14 collection show at Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Weekend
- featured in GlassBook Magazine, US
- interview for Hospodarske Noviny, Prague
- life stream on FASHION ONE TV worldwide
- zAhrada/gArden collection ss13 at FASHIONCLASH
- interview for HUNTER PROJECT, Italy
- featured in VOGUE ITALY
- featured in DOLCE VITA magazine, Czech Rep.
- featured in Hartiska magazine
- life interview for CT1 TV, zAhrada/gArden collection ss13, Prague
- interview for CCF (Check Czech Fashion)
- presentation of ss14 collection at EDGED Showroom for MBBFW (Berlin Fashion Week)
- featured in Gypsygen magazine
- interview for SICKY magazine, Spain
- article in Hellocoton, France
- featured in Fucking Young! Magazine
- featured in FashionLoud
- interview for
- zAhrada/gArden ss13 show at Modeni, Brno, Cz
- featured in MODABOT, Germany
- interview for KALTBLUT magazine, Berlin, Germany
- featured in C-Heads
- interview for FASHIONCLASH, BrankoPopovic blog
- NJAL, selected as one of the most promising and fashion
- forward designer at NOT JUS A LABEL(London based platform for emerging designers with worldwide reach) - featured in SHK Magazine, NYC
- presentation at Shape and Vision, Prague
- featured in MAUD Homme, Cz
- zAhrada/gArden ss13 collection show as a finalist at Check Czech Fashion
- featured in DEW Magazine, NYC


- Instinkt Magazine, interview
-, interview
- fashion show of /ZAHRADA/ collection at Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Weekend
- Proti Sedi, interview
- presentation of SS13 /ZAHRADA/ collection as a part of Czechoslovak Trophies Project, Chemistry Gallery, Prague
- SS13 /ZAHRADA/ collection
- creating of limited collection for COMPAREX, software company, Spain
- creating of SPREAD collection
- ELLE magazine, interview
- Project MAC, school project


- "S.Pellegrino sparkles with Bvlgari" launching evening for Kapka Nadeje charity, fashion show
- launching of limited edition of S.Pellegrino sparkles with Bvlgari, fashion show of "Sparkling collection", Intercontinental Hotel, Prague
- creating of the "sparkling" collection for S.Pellegrino and Bvlgari lopunching, Prague
- AHOJ Design, fashion show
- FRESH FLESH project, fashion show, Brno
- CESKY TUCNAK in Da HUB, fashion performance, Prague
- cooperation with CASEY VIDALENC designers, Paris


- design of ready to wear collection for SKODA AUTO in cooperation with SKALIN&Layout agency
- the only fashion finalist of young artist´s festival CESKY TUCNAK 10, Prague
- participation on project POD CAROU 5 supporting young artists, Prague


- participation on Shooting Fashion Stars 09, Prague
- articles in Czech fashion magazines
- fashion show on beauty competition Girl of the Year
- finalist of the Top Styl Designer fashion competition attached to Styl&Kabo Fair, Brno


- 2 independent shows in Croatian spa Cavtat, Dubrovnik
- opening of trade licence
- outfit for German producer of cutting machine AL-KO
- spring/summer 2008 collection


- participation on a gala performance of International Fashion Show as part of the Styl&Kabo Fairs (Brno)
- proposal of evening dress for Czech singers Maria Rottrova for anniversary party of MYCLINIC Prague
- winning outfits in competition (Czech competition of fashion schools) „Prostějovská zlatá jehla“ on the theme fauna and flora, author of the choreography

2003 - 2005

- participation and the win in fashion competition „Prostějovská zlatá jehla“ in diffrent themes in the frame of high school


- winner of Via Lucis alias „Sunflower of Van Gogh" competition(the picture traveled the world for the UNICEF)